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Working Within Your Requirements

Every auction is different. Sometimes a business is closing for good, sometimes just one office is closing, or sometimes just a portion of the assets are being sold. The Key team works with the seller’s employees in a friendly and professional way that minimizes friction and keeps the set-up process running smoothly. We make a difficult and complicated project simple and drama-free.

“Our business was ongoing, and they were able to work around our continuing operation. They were very friendly, very flexible and understanding in working in that situation. They operated in a manner that showed that they understood our goals.”

Doug Boles, co-owner, Panther Racing

Marketing is Key

One of Key’s most important advantages is the superior marketing and advertising work we do for each and every client. Whether it’s real estate or business assets, Key presents them in a winning way. The Indiana Auctioneer’s Assocation has awarded Key’s marketing department, Auction Campaign of the Year, three consecutive years (15′ – 17′). We know how to create buzz, market your assets and get bidders to the auction. We connect the right buyers to the items they want.

Auction Management and Execution

We provide highly organized and professionally executed auctions. Regular auction buyers know how frustrating a poorly run auction can be, and sales will reflect it. Our bidders constantly remark on how efficient and well run our auctions are, and they return again and again.

Leading through Technology

Whether it’s making registration quick and painless or allowing for instantaneous payment of purchases by using wireless clerking, or increasing the number of bidders by running simultaneous online auctions, you can count on Key to make effective use of the most up-to-date auction technology. Our mobile app and bidding platform draw in more bidders and drives better prices for our sellers.

Proper Previews Mean Better Prices

Attracting interested buyers to the auction on auction day is not enough. Whether it’s real estate, equipment or inventory, bidders need to an opportunity to inspect the property prior to auction in order to make their best bid. Uncertainty translates into discounted bids. We make sure we provide ample inspection opportunities prior to auction. We show real estate by private appointment to any interested party. For non-real estate sales, we host one or more Preview Days where the public can come in and see the merchandise. And we do more than just passively show the property. We answer any questions, overcome objections, point out the positives, imagine the possibilities–in a word, we sell!

Getting the Best Price for Your Assets

At the end of the day, sellers wants to maximize their return, and they usually want it yesterday. Key’s delivers top dollar results, and guarantees payment within 21 days of sale.

“In terms of the money generated by the auction, my expectations were exceeded many times over. The settlement was quick and easy. We had a contract up front. The whole process couldn’t be easier. I couldn’t believe the dollar results we achieved.”

Jeff Garrard, Woods Industries