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IAA Industrial Equipment Online Auction

All auction pickup will be individually scheduled.
Buyers will be required to wear a mask during removal (gloves are also recommended).
Removal and scheduling instructions will be sent via email along with your auction invoice.   

1st Lot Closes: Thursday, July 23rd at 10am
Preview:  Monday, July 20th from 10am – 1pm
Note: This is a secured area and a limited number of people will be allowed in the building at a time.
All Removal Begins July 27th (Removal to be scheduled on July 24th)
Address: Indianapolis Maintenance Center, IMC Deliveries Gate 35, 2745 S Hoffman Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46241
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18% Buyer's Premium

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Online Auction

Thursday, July 23rd
10am (ET)

Lot    Title
2001 Abar Ipsen Ion Vapor Deposition Vacuum Chamber
2002 Abar Ipsen Vacuum Furnace
2003 Airfloat Material Frame
2004 Airfloat Material Frame
2005 Airfloat Material Frame
2006 Abar Ipsen Electric Convection Furnace
2007 Aber Ipsen Electric Furnace
2008 Aber Ipsen Automatic Parts Washer
2009 Aner Ipsen Gas Furnace & Quench System
2010 Cooling Chamber
2011 Cardinal 708 Digital Scale
20123 Bins of Tumbler Media
2013 Mitutoyo Ph350 Optical Comparator
2014 Gould-Bass Penetrant Test System
2015 Magnetic Particle Test Station
2016 Flammable Storage Cabinet
2017 Flammable Storage Cabinet
20182 Sets of Lockers
2019 Crown Electric Pallet Jack
2020 Shot Peen Equipment
2020 Sieve Shaker
2020B Workbench
2021 Lot of Computers & Parts
2022 National Microscope
2023 Lot of Electrode Products & Solutions
2024 Lot of Lab Equipment
2025 Econotherm Laboratory Oven
2026 Lot of Lab Pipets
2027 Lot of Lab Supplies
2028 Contents of Drawers
2029 Lot of Glass Measuring Beakers
2030 Whiteboard
2031 Office Chair
2032 2-Door Cabinets & Contents
2033 2-Door Cabinets & Contents
2034 Metal Bookshelf
2035 Tank
2036 Corrosion Test Cabinet & Tower
2037 3 Instrument Stands
2038 Metal Stand with Flammable Cabinet
2040 Cabinet
2041 Workbench
2042 Multi-Filter Photometer
2043 Ph Measurement Reader
2044 Expandable Ionanalyzer
2045 Air Cadet Vacuum Pressure Station
2046 Hach Dr/2000 Spectrophotometer
2047 Workbench
2048 Flammable Cabinet & Spill Control Kit
2049 Workbench & Lighting Station
2050 Lot of Pipets
2051 Workbench
2052 Workbench with Vise & Stool
2053 Metal Cart
2054 Metal Cart
20552 Spill Kits
2056 Vwr Scientific Freezer
2057 Lot of Air Driven Pump & Metal Brackets
2058 Workbench with Vise
2059 Cart & Contents
2060 Barrel Dolly
2061 Lot of Tank Dipping Part Brackets & Hooks
2062 Lot of Tank Dipping Part Brackets & Hooks
2063 12′ Aluminum Ladder
2064 26 Dipping Tanks & Systems
2069 13 Fatigue Mats
2070 Federal Pneumo-Centric Mark Ii Roundness Tester
2072 Industriever 6000 Parts System
2073 Industriever 6000 Parts System
2074 Industriever 6000 Parts System
2075 Industriever 6000 Parts System
2076 Skid of Parts Bins for Industrial 6000 Parts System
2077 Skid of Parts Bins for Industrial 6000 Parts System
2078 Skid of Parts Bins for Industrial 6000 Parts System
2079 8 Metal Shelves for Track System
2080 8 Metal Shelves for Track System
2081 8 Metal Shelves for Track System
2082 Global Medium Duty Rack
2083 2 Whiteboards
2084 2 Metal Shelves
2085 Workbench & Misc
2086 Heat Vacuum Applicator
2087 Stainless Steel Test Bench
2088 Typhoon Aircraft Toilet Cleaning Machine System
2089 2 Parts Soak Tanks
2090 Spray Cabinet
2091 Spray Cabinet
2092 Rinse Station
2093 Rinse Station
2094 Caterpillar Forklift
2095 Datsun Forklift

Key Terms
Full Payment is Due at the Conclusion of the Auction
(Card Used to Register for Online Auction will Automatically Be Charged – Unless You Make Arrangements Prior to the Last Lot Ending)

Accepted Forms of Payment
Cash, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Wire Transfer

A check will ONLY be accepted with a Bank Letter of Guarantee
18% Buyers Premium will be collected
View Complete Auction Terms (Can also be found under the documents tab).
Licenses: Seth D. Seaton: AU10900115; Auction Co: AC30900124
Seller: Indianapolis Airport Authority
*Shipping for this auction will not be provided by Key Auctioneers. Key Auctioneers will gladly facilitate shipping with third party moving/shipping companies.

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