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Kroger Gift Card Giveaway for Federal Employees Impacted by Shutdown

Giveaway Details

Monday, January 28th
Doors Open at 9am
(until gift cards are gone)


Address: 5520 S Harding Street, Indianapolis, IN 46217
What to Bring: Zeroed out Pay Stub or Federal Employment ID/Badge

We still have over 75 gift cards that we will give out on Monday to individuals & families who have been forced to go without pay during the government shutdown. We will be giving out $50 gift cards on a first come first serve basis until we run out.
We understand that while this doesn’t make up for your lack of pay check, we hope it can help and show you that your Indianapolis community cares for you.
Please check our Key Auctioneers’ Facebook page for updates!

If you (as a individual or business) would like to help, please contact Kevin Martin at 317-353-1100.
*This opportunity is only for those individuals and families directly impacted by the government shutdown and we will do our best to give out as much as we are able.


Map and Directions