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Society of Salvage 3-Day “Blowout” Sale in Indianapolis

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3-Day Blowout Sale

Friday, Saturday & Sunday
November 30th – December 2nd
11am – 6pm (ET)

Everything is 75% off!*
Society of Salvage is moving their business online and they are selling through their storefront & warehouse inventory!

Store Hours: Friday, November 30 – Sunday December 2 from 11am – 6pm
Store Address: 1021 E Michigan St, Indianapolis, IN 46202
*Excludes Items Under $10 & Specialty Marked Sale Items

Check out the Pictures for Inventory! Too Much to List Everything!
Unique Pieces for your Home or Office!
Large Variety of Letters

Furniture, Unique Chairs, & Tables
Antique & Vintage Doors & Hardware
Medical Instruments
Cabinets & Shelving
Lighting Fixtures
Industrial Carts &
Much More!

Map and Directions