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Harrison College (Zionsville Campus) Online Auction

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Auction Details

Online Auction (Veterinary Equipment) 1st Lot Closes: Tuesday, October 16 at 10am
Online Auction (Dental Equipment) 1st Lot Closes: Tuesday, October 16 at 10am
Online Auction (School, Office & IT Equipment) 1st Lot Closes: Tuesday, October 16 at 10am
PLEASE NOTE Removal: Thursday & Friday, October 18 & 19 from 8am – 4pm
Auction & Item Pick Up Address: 6300 Technology Center Dr, Zionsville, IN 46077

Auction Inventory

Large Dog or Animal Cage
Large Dog or Animal Cage
5 Large Dog or Animal Cage
3 Large Dog or Animal Cage
Industrial Hose & Brooms
Shoreline 10 Small Dog or Cat Cages
Cat Play Tree
4 Cat Cages
“Cat Supplies & Rack “
Metal Shelf with Collars & Bins
Mop Buckets & Brooms
Rack with Shampoo & Cleaning Supplies
Dog Wash Station
Rack with Dog Items
5 Stacking Chairs Blue
“Spot Light “
Plastic Tote with Vet Supplies
Dre Schuco Auction Unit
Lot of Supplies
Wash Prep Station
Cabinet with Contents of Cleaning Supplies
Engler Scale-Aire High Speed Dental Air Unit
2 Sets of Hp Defibrillator Paddles For Pets
Kobalt Crash Cart with Emergency Supplies
Laundry Hamper & Bags
Vet Supplies & Storage Totes
Surgical Instruments
Welch Allyn Examination Tools & L & R Cleaner
Surgical Tools & Staplers
Supplies Needles, Sodium Chloride , Misc
Glass Medical Supply Jars
Surgical Instruments
Surgical Gowns & Sterilization Cassettes
Ritter M9 Ultravlave Autoclave Sterilizer
Surgical Instruments & Supplies
2 Tank Carts
2 Stainless Steel Buckets on Rollers
Stainless Steel Table
Surgivet Anesthetic Machines
3 Iv Holders & 1 Infusion Pump
Stainless Instrument Tray
2 Stainless Instrument Tray
Cardell Veterinary Monitor on Rolling Stand
Vssi Veterinary Surgical Table
Steris Amaco Polaris 22″Surgical Light
Txr Tingle Veterinary X-Ray System with Control
Film Cabinet & Shelf with Film
Hope Micro Max Film Processor with Chemicals
14 Medical X-Ray Cassettes
4 Lead X-Ray Aprons & 3 Sets of Lead X-Ray Gloves
Son-Mate Engler Power Dental Unit with Tool
Dre Asg-120 Per Unit with Probes
Doppler Flow Detector
Refractometer & Blood Pressure Cuff
2 Vet Bp Doppler Units
Resq Pet Tracking System Reader Imax Black Label
Pet Litter Dolly
Exam Table with Stainless Top
Exam Table with Stainless Top
Rescue Critter Cpr Training Animal
Rescue Critter Cpr Training Animal
Rescue Critter Cpr Training Cat
Warm Touch Heating Unit
Short-Line Pet Cages
Vetpro 1000 Mobile Dental Delivery System
4 Deluxe Stools
20 Pet Cones
2 Unico Electronic Microscopes
3 Tables
Idexx Vetlab Station with Lasercyte, Catalyst One
Stainless Rolling Table
Lab Mini Refrigerator
Trial Centrifuge
Dog Scales
Cat Scales with Rolling Stainless Table
Pet Towels , Blankets , Sheets & Mop Heads
Hon Book Shelf
Metro Style Rack
2 Exam Stools
Kennel Care, Noromectin & Cleaning Fluids
Gi Tools & Case
2 Metro Style Racks on Rollers
Restraints In Case
Pipettes, Microscope Glass & Slides
Lab Supplies
25 Boxes of Exam Gloves Assorted Sizes
Lab Chemicals & Solutions
Glass Dispensing Jars
Lab Supplies, Vacuum Pump, Toweling
Gloves, Stains, Bottles
Large Animal Vet Supplies
Blood Collection Tubes
Quincy 10-140 Incubator & Olympus Cold Light
2 Statspin Centrifuges
Lw Scientific C5 Centrifuge
2 Drawers of Vet Supplies
Lab Supplies , Dispenser Jars, Torches
Absorbent Drapes, Vet Supplies, Hazard Waste Bags
7 Blood Cell Counters with Cases
Lw Scientific I4 Infinity Electric Microscopes
Unico G380 Electric Microscopes
Metro Style Rack
Open Lot
Desk & Chair
Hp Compaq Pro 6005 Computer
Infocus Projector with 6′ Screen
Fire Blanket
Snares, Twitches & Chains
3 Stainless Steel Buckets
Tote of Harrison College Safety Vest
Dog Harness, Leads, Collars
Dog Collars, Foot Pads, & Hamster Supplies
Portable X-Ray Unit Model Porta 380Hf
Stethoscopes & Gowns
Large Animal Mouth Spectrum By Jorvet Precisson
Foot & Hoof Tools
Castration Equipment
6 Hauptner Syringes
4 Totes of Large Animal Vet Supplies
Pill Bottles & Lids
Deluxe Stools
Work Table
Dog Skelton
2 Small Animal Skelton Models
Horse Hoof Model & Clear Horse
Male Model Not Complete , Head Cracked
Nec Overhead Projector with 6′ Projection
Human Body Charts on Rack & Heart Poster
Sacco Wire Rack with Contents
Lw Scientific I4 Infinity Electric Microscopes
Lab Supplies
Fisher Scientific Centrifuge
4 Unico G380 Electric Microscope
Large Amount of Lab Supplies & Gloves
2 Av Carts
Work Table
2 Surgivet V3404 Monitors
Assorted Models
5 Modecular Model Kits
Work Tables
Blue Stack Chairs

Office Chairs
Physicians Chairs
Lamp 2 Waiting Chairs & Table
Bookcase with Pocket Dental Guides & Client Handouts
Cranex Novus Sorodex with Computer & Manuals
Dental Side Cabinet
Marus Dental Chair with Maxstar Orbit Light
Focus Intraoral X-Ray Unit
Mcc Dental Cabinet with Forest Control Panel
Marus Dental Chair with Maxstar Orbit Light
Focus Intraoral X-Ray Unit
Mcc Dental Cabinet with Forest Control Panel
Marus Dental Chair with Maxstar Orbit Light
Focus Intraoral X-Ray Unit with Wall Mounted
Mcc Dental Cabinet & Sink
Marus Dental Chair with Maxstar Orbit Light
Focus Intraoral X-Ray Unit
Mcc Dental Cabinet & Sink
Patient Privacy Screen
Dell Optiplex 9020 Dental Computers
Metro Style Rack
Vacstar Dental Vacuum System
Peri-Pro Iii Intra Oral Film Processor
Vacstar Dental Compressor
Dental & X-Ray Supplies
Air Techniques A/T 2000 Xr X-Ray Processor
Dental Film, Supplies & Gloves
Blue Stacking Chairs
Rad Lines X-Ray Apron Double Sided
3 Lead X-Ray Aprons Single Sided
Youth Lead X-Ray Apron Single Sided
Dental Tools & Supplies
Crowns, Rotary Attachments & Polishing Kits
Ritter M9D Autoclave
Tattnauer Autoclave
Sterilization Cassettes & Misc
Sterilization Pouches , Chair Covers & Isolation Gowns
Debtsply Rinn Slimline Duplicator
L & R Sweep-Zone Remote Power Generator
Fire Blanket
Sharps Containers
30 Boxes of Gloves
Sterilization Bags, Evaluator & Sponges
Sterilization Pouches, Bibs, Tray Barriers & Cups
Dental Tools
Bosworth Denture Supplies
3 Dental Work Stands
6 Kilgore Dental Work Stands
5 Kilgore Dental Work Stands
Dental Tools & Trays
3 Dental X-Ray Lights
Mini Refrigerator
Desk, Chair & File
Mop Bucket & Cleaning Supplies
Red Wing Handler Model Trimmer
Red Wing Handler Model Trimmer
2 Drafts of Supplies & Tools
Redwing Lathe
Denture Supplies
Schein Vacuum Former
Schein Master 35 Handpiece System
Schein Curer & Dci Unit
3 Schein Vibrator Units
3 Nissin Dental Models
5 Dental Models
Dell Dental Computer with Monitor & Speakers
Hp Laser Jet Pro 400

Updated Inventory Listing Coming Later Today!

Key Terms
Full Payment is Due at the Conclusion of the Auction.
Accepted Forms of Payment:  Cash, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Wire Transfer
A check will ONLY be accepted with a Bank Letter of Guarantee
18% Buyers Premium will be collected for online buyers
Complete Terms can be found under the documents tab.
Licenses: Seth D. Seaton: AU10900115; Auction Co: AC30900124
Seller: Multiple Sellers
*Shipping for this auction will not be provided by Key Auctioneers. Key Auctioneers will gladly facilitate shipping with third party moving/shipping companies.

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